Pink barrel cactus spines

Lots of birds this morning. The warbler I thought was the Yellow Warbler has a dull yellow green color except for a brighter yellow stripe above the eye, which gives the effect of a dark eye stripe below. And its call is a faster version of the Lucy’s Warbler, with a wispy whistle at the end. From the call it has to be an Orange-crowned Warbler. Saw the Townsend’s and the Wilson’s again. Also, in the big paloverde just down in the wash, three birds that were hard to get a good look at: yellow throat, dark cap, wide yellow wing bar [probably a Yellow-rumped Warbler]; chestnut throat, grey head; and a small grey bird with a slight crest, faint white strips above and below eye.

Also a Loggerhead Shrike posed on a dead tree branch, and a hummingbird catching an insect.


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