Stinson Beach

We have arrived for our annual holiday in Stinson Beach. Flocks of pelicans fly by on the horizon, and vultures circle over the golden hills catching the evening sun on their broad wings. A pair of humming birds was dive bombing each other in the bush near the balcony from which this photo was taken.

Abby drove up to Far View Ranch to pick up Sally from camp today. With the help of a cell-phone and Google maps we guided her over the foggy mountain top, through Mill Valley, across the Richmond bridget to I-80, I-5, Marysville, to camp and back again, in time for the midday pickup. Which, it turns out, was supposed to be 10 a.m. As Sally said drily, “It’s o.k., I’m used to it.”

Amy and I stayed home, had grilled cheese sandwiches and Croze-Hermitages for lunch and dozed the afternoon away. (And I finished working on Ben Levitt’s thesis.) The sun came out at about 3:00 p.m.


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