Bargaining in Dakar

Momar Dieng, the post-doc from Arizona here with me, brought his friend Angèle to help us bargain. She had the merchants tearing their hear out. There is a moment when the bargaining accelerates and suddenly turns into Woloff. She generally got the prices down to a third of the asking price. We went first to the HLM market, named for the low-income housing district in which it is located, Habitation Louée Moderée, then to the Sandaga Market, aimed more at tourists. The trash and the condition of the roads reminds me of Egypt, only poorer. At the Sandaga Market we never really made it into the market, because we spent most of the time in a big warehouse on the edge, which had some very nice fabrics, and where I bought some table cloths.

In the afternoon Momar and I went to ISM, the private business school he is in touch with, presented Business Mathematics to a class of finishing undergraduates, and talked to some officials of the school: Mr. Abu Juf, the director of the MBA, Mme Saar, the administrative assistant in, and ??, the Associate Dean.


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