Yellow-billed Black Kites on Gorée Island

Dakar. These birds gather in flocks at any water’s edge, fan tail, brown back, some grey all over, one with some white under the wings, wheeling around. Identification from this website and from photos online.

At the University of Dakar, I saw an interesting pigeon, with a red-carmine patch around the eyes, streaked brown throat, grey mantle, speckled brown wings, grey belly. Also a flycatcher, slight crest, white under the tail, typical pea-whistle quality to the call. Identified later from photos on the web as a Speckled Pigeon.

Driving down the coast I saw a strange bird with a very heavy downward curved, yellow beak that seemed to be dragging its head down as it flew.

In the harbor on the boat out to Gorée Island I saw a group of birds, heron bodies, yellow neck, heavy hooked beak, white throat, black head and mantle, sitting on a buoy.

Also a white pelican, with large yellow beak and white head and back.


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