Village Weaver nests

Dakar. In the late afternoon these nests were live with two sorts of birds (male and female of the same species, I presume). One was a large to middling size, black head, red eye, strong black beak, black and yellow wing coverts, black triangular downward pointing throat patch, and a tail with two separate rounded parts, the separation coming up to the diameter of the round. The other, slightly smaller, was duller yellow, olive wing coverts with white wing-bars, similar beak. The nests were hanging baskets with a cylindrical entry underneath. The duller birds were disappearing into the nest, one with a piece of grass. The more striking birds were hanging upside down at the entrance flapping their wings, exposing yellow under the wing. Photos and a Dakar birding website on the web make it a Village Weaver.

Also a small finch-like bird, white fluffy belly with clear central dividing line, warm brown head, mantel and throat, greyish triangular beak, grey wing coverts with black edges showing and black tail narrowing to a point. Again, from birdlists and photos, this is probably an African Silverbill.


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