Abby’s first day bussing

Abby has started work at Vivace’s and spent her first day bussing today (clearing away dishes). It did not go well. One gentlemen kept leaning in the wrong direction every time she had to put the bread and oil down, and she ended up spilling it on him. Another time her boob caught the folded napkin poking out of a wine glass, knocked it into another full glass, which spilled all over a couple of ladies having lunch. One of them tried to make her feel better, which made her feel worse. And she was vexed by the other busses, who only spoke Spanish but didn’t believe Abby would be able to understand them.

I started out on the wrong foot, trying to give her advice, perhaps prompted by her comment that it was very difficult to carry trays because the moment you looked somewhere else your hand started to tip, which had me biting my tongue furiously. But we had a good conversation in the end, once the ground rules were established.

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