Hawk morning

Two new hawks, both quite small (unfortunately my camera battery was on the charger). The smallest not much bigger than a large pigeon, had a strongly vertically streaked brown and white breast, dark wings, tail with 3 or 4 bands,  a long slender tail when perched, white rump, a strange bunch of feathers on the back of the base of the tail, perhaps something to do with molting. The other was slightly larger and plumper, bright yellow eye, stronger beak, brownish horizontally streaked breast, dark grey wings, brown head, also some bars on the tail, but thicker and perhaps fewer in number than the first. Both could have been either a Sharp-shinned or a Cooper’s Hawk, with the vertical streaks meaning an immature bird. The length of the tail on the first bird makes me lean towards identifying it as a Cooper’s. The second bird had the contrast between back and crown that is a marker for Cooper’s, so perhaps it was a pair.

Saw what is probably a molting Phainopepla, showing white edges to the wing, red eye, a few long thin feathers poking out of the head in place of the usual crest. Also a possible immature Mockingbird, bird with brown wings, creamy breast and belly, grey head, beak curved down slightly at the tip.

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