Another wedding

This time it was Aaron and Amy’s wedding in Bodega Bay. Amy had been there all week, I flew in from Chicago after a CSMC Advisory Board meeting and drove up on Friday evening (nice sunset from the Golden Gate). We stayed in a big house on a golf course (from which it was forbidden to set foot off the back porch … strange to have a big backyard like that and not be able to enter it). Amy and I took a walk around the bay in the morning, and saw an Osprey perched on a harbour marker. The wedding was in a garden, beautifully done and much more expensive than any of our kids are getting. Amy and I danced the night away, but realized when we followed on to the after wedding party that dancing was all we wanted, not sitting around negotiating social arrangements that we figured out long ago. The kids were doing much more of that and much less of the dancing.   The stars were spectacular.

Nell has passed the initial disorienting exhilarating phase and suddenly realized she is in Paris, which is making her a little homesick but also, I suspect, giving her that feeling of being on the verge of a new existence which I remember so well from my early days in Cambridge. She triumphed over the leak in her apartment by getting the gardienne to talk to the guy upstairs.


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