Chicago from the air

Flew to Chicago in the evening, for a trip to Grand Rapids the next morning (to look at items for an international test of teacher knowledge), thence to Chapel Hill (for an advisory board meeting about what has been learned from the Math Science Partnerships). I sat in a window seat for a change. Sun was slanting across grey-green hills as we flew out of Tucson (green from recent rain to the Tucsonan’s eye, probably grey to anybody else’s). Later, as we got higher, there cumulus clouds that looked wispier on top than one expects from the classic pictures, perhaps because of the low evening sun, which caught a grizzled frizzy top of wisps and spikes, and the occasional long Confucian grey beard of rain falling down below. We passed over an area of what appeared to be drying salt lakes, all with crested ridges on the east side. As we were landing at Chicago I took this picture from window with my Treo. Maybe I’ll start taking the window seat more often.


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