Sally’s Band

This is Sally at the Sahuaro High School football game. The band is performing songs by The Who, including Pinball Wizard, which involves a complicated manoeuvre on the field, where lines of clarinetists pretend to be pinball flippers.

We didn’t stay for the football game (like watching TV for the advertisments), but met Abby for dinner at Feast. Abby is house-sitting for one of the real estate agents where she works, feeling anxious about things, and wanted to talk. She is much more mature and self-aware than her peers.

A couple of weeks ago, September 22 I guess, we had Vanda round for dinner. I had run into her at Broadway Automotive, where I discovered she was selling her house and moving to Mexico. She seemed thin to me, and she confirmed this at dinner that she had been losing weight. Amy thinks she is depressed. Becka has said she’s not coming back to Tucson, and is finding her own life in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Vanda turned down some job offers, either because they were not the life she wanted or the money was tainted.

We have had a couple of weeks of accelerating change in light, bringing on fall distractedness as the brain prepares for hibernation, without the blessing of fall coolness. Yesterday we had a nice late lightning storm, which brought out the spicy smells of the desert. The Margaret River Cabernet we had at Feast tonight had the same quality of desert dust and rain-awakened aroma. But I’m not supposed to talk about eating anymore. (The mashed potato tacos were very good, however.)

Jalal is supervising work in the guest house to prepare it for our friends Deborah and Alan, making it handicapped accessible for him and finally, perhaps, getting rid of the smell—when they removed the bathtub they found an uncapped pipe to the septic tank. I hope we have found the cause.


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