Farewell party for Nell

We had some of Nell’s friends around to say goodbye after her short visit back for Christmas. From left to right around the table: Sally, Emily (who came to Stinson Beach in the summer and  is going to film school in LA), Stephanie, Nell, Claire Secombe and her boyfriend James, Amy, Jodi, and someone I forget. Nice party, although both Amy and I felt quite marginalized, and Aslan (not in photo) was, I thought, especially rude to mum. Partly I suppose it was just the natural cliquieness of old friends getting together, but also I wonder if it makes a difference bringing up kids to talk at the dinner table. I think some of them just didn’t know how to talk to adults. There was also a little bit of a fracas at the end when it became apparent Nell had forgotten about Sally’s visit, although she sorted that all out by herself and it was all o.k. in the end.

I took Mum to the Desert Museum for the afternoon, and the animals were uncharacteristically active, perhaps because of the cold. The mountain lions were prowling, even the black bear was moving.


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