Concepcion, Chile

2007_3_26_Concepcion,_Chile_files_shapeimage_2.pngFlew in on the Sunday, met the other speakers Jose-Antonio Chamizo (chemistry educator from University of Mexico in Mexico city, advisor of Vincent Talenquer) and Carl Wenning (physics educator from Illinois State). Dinner Sunday night with Patricio Pfelmer and the head of the Chilean Academy of Sciences at a rather deserted restaurant which however had good fish, particularly the abalone-like shellfish called Locos and a good Corvina (which I think is Chilean Sea-Bass). Gave my talk on Monday morning. Very long day of talks, especially for the poor students. Had a very lively session on the Tuesday morning with the education students (I did the exercise about solving quadratic equations with them). Tuesday afternoon went to a local fishing village … long drive, short stay … with Patricio’s colleague Leora(?). Saw a sea-eagle or hawk and some floating coot-like birds. Dinner Monday night at the Concepcion Club, and old masonic lodge. Wandering round the rooms and trying to say “we are lost” in Spanish, I discovered from Jose-Antonio that perdito means fart (lost is perdido).

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