On top of Mount Wrightson

2007_4_15_On_top_of_Mount_Wrightson_files_shapeimage_2.pngI’ve been meaning to have an overnight backpacking trip with Sally for a while (and before that, Nell and Abby). We finally got around to it. We rented a tent (3-person to hold Euler as well), bought a backpack for Sally, and took off with my motley collection of camping equipment, including the pots I have had since I used to go hiking in Tasmania in the 70s. My pack was about 50-60 lbs (we had to carry a lot of water as well, since we couldn’t be sure of water sources). The 2.5 mile hike up to Josephine Saddle was an ordeal, my hips creaking with every step. We camped there, had a good campfire with traditional camp cooking (fish hash), and hiked up Mt. Wrightson the next day. There was a biting cold wind on the summit.

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