Finches on Saguaro

The one on the left has a bright red piece of fruit in his mouth. I was noticing flight patterns this morning: one woodpecker flew by close and it seemed he was folding his wings to his body in each downward part of his up-and-down trajectory, whereas doves fly more the way you would think birds fly if you never looked at them: straight path with mechanically flapping wings (or the kid-in-the-playground stiff winged banking bomber glide). It would be interesting to understand the mechanics. Finches, like woodpeckers, have an up-and-down flight, beating their wings on the upward part and gliding down, but they seem to keep their wings open on the glide. Also, if you look closely at the doves they are moving slightly up and down with each wing beat.

The Catclaw Acacias are covered with their beautiful twisty green-red pods.

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