Amy and I had sworn we would not be going into Venice because of the crowds, but Maurizio prevailed. It was another lovely day. We had lunch at Ostaria Ai 4 Ferri, a small seafood restaurant. Delicious salty vinegary sardine like fish, pasta with squid ink. Maurizio had a digestif so we did too, which turned out to be Unicum of John and Marianna fame, that we sat around John’s kitchen making jokes about all those years ago. After lunch we saw the beautiful church of San Sebastiani where Veronese hid out from church authorities, that he filled with paintings. A lovely roof of the sacristy, with Matthew Mark Luke and John, fat rosy cheeked and rosy bummed cherubs, lots of small stories from the bible, Amy had fun reading the sign and pointing them out to us. Altogether a magical day, and no crowds because we stayed away from them.

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