Sally in the treehouse

Sally, sometimes accompanied by Emily or Sage, has been working at painting the tree house over the last  year. Here she is on a beautiful Sunday evening, one of the first to get a bit cool, proudly atop her handiwork.

We just had the advisory board meeting for our Math Science Partnership. Jim Lewis, Glenda Lappan, and Glenn Stevens spent a day with us, and, needless to say had lots of advice, which is, after all, what an advisory board is for.

I feel that I’ve got a better grip on my class for prospective high school teachers this year. I’m pushing harder on the mathematics content, and trying to give them extended projects that will really dig into what’s behind the high school mathematics that they teach.

The week after next I am gone on a multi-city trip, from Belhingham Washington to Kansas City to Philadelphia, culminating with Andrew’s wedding in New York. The algebra book is due October 1, and I am trying hard to make the deadline, so may end up spending the entire weekend in New York in a hotel room (apart from the wedding events).

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