Amy gave Abby a jar of rocks, one of which was a gift rock to summit hut, but the best trick was the pair of mom jeans she gave Nell, which had her in state of horrified disbelief for a few seconds. The Indiks came for lunch as usual.

Sparrow taking off

Lots of water in the wash this morning. I’m not sure if the photo is of it, but I saw a probable Rufous-crowned Sparrow this morning, a flock of them, with a two-pattern call, a lower cheep-cheep-cheep followed by a higher more rapid trill. Brown crown with grey stripe along the top, grey above the eye.

Nell’s half marathon

Nell has been making up for a year in France by running, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and, in this photo, running a half marathon. We were almost bad parents, and almost turned back because of strange car behavior, but just managed to arrive in time on a Sunday morning to see Nell turn the corner for a long loop around to the finish line at the school in Marana. We took a short cut and saw her cross the finish line. She had started out by Biosphere 2. Claire Fisher, with whom Nell had been training, also finished.