The wash has been well scoured by rain, with evidence of serious flows, such as tumbled barrel cactus and prostrate brooms. The Hackberry bushes are covered with orange berries, and the floor is covered with desert marigolds, devil’s claws, and zinnias. Beautiful sighting of a Harris’s Hawk airing his wings on top of a saguaro cactus.

Cholla flower

The Blue Paloverdes are covered with pods, flat, light-green with 3 or 4 pimply bumps where the seeds are, spaced well apart. Saw a White-crowned Sparrow, caught a brief glimpse of a Lucy’s Warbler, and heard the fly-catchers again. The lizards are out in force, including the big Desert Spiny Lizard that leaves near the hackberry bushes just north of Camino a Los Vientos. The chollas are blooming, from the wine-dark red in this photo to brighter crimson.