Boat trip on the Bosphorus

At the Third International Conference on the Teaching of Mathematics, in Istanbul, we took a trip on the Bosphorus organized by one of the Arizona graduate students, Selin Kalaycioglu. We being Deb, me, Jerry Uhl, Bill and Bernice Velez, and colleagues, also graduate students Josh Chesler and Pani Konstantinou. The families of Selin and her boyfriend joined us.

We got on the boat at Besictas, motored over to the Asian side to pick up more people, then proceeded up the Bosphorus, passing in and out of a rainstorm. There was plenty of raki, then dinner, then dancing on the deck (Deb in particular, also Bill and Bernice, and me, of course). This is the castle of Mehmet the conqueror. One of Selin’s uncles told me all about his son working for a bank in Russia. Later Selin told me that the family motto about this particular uncle was “don’t make eye contact.”


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