50s girls

Mum sent me a CD of 1956’s greatest hits for my 50th birthday yesterday. We played it last night while were were cooking dinner, which caused Amy and the girls to don aprons and pose for this photo. We had prosciutto e melone, gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce (good ham and cheese from Roma Imports), and Elizabeth David’s coffee cake.

Amy had asked me earlier in the summer if I wanted a surprise party and I said no (what other possible answer is there, since if you say yes it won’t be a surprise?). But now I wish we had organized something like John’s big party. Oh well, we didn’t do anything for our 25th wedding anniversary either.

I called Nell this morning. She was sitting with Elliot waiting for her Etude Mel appointment. Charles de Gaulle was incredibly crowded, she said, but she got a taxi alright and made it to the hotel. The lady at Bures BNP was very nice, so so far thing had worked out well. We’ll see about the real estate agent.


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