Blue Paloverde

2007_4_8_Blue_Paloverde_files_shapeimage_2.pngThe paloverdes in the wash seem to be mostly blues (all yellow flowers, larger leaves, thorns at joints), although I’m sure I’ve seen a yellow before (largest petal white, smaller leaves, thorns at tips). They are all in glorious flower at the moment. They can put out flowers before leaves because of the green trunks. The Catclaw Acacias are just putting out catkins, whereas the Whitethorns are still barely putting out leaves. The hackberry bushes are leafing out, so that the contrasting pale dead leaves from winter make it look in flower from a distance; the Desert Brooms have the same effect with the bracts from last years flowers.

Heard the flycatchers again, and also a probably Lucy’s Warbler, but didn’t see either. It was almost exactly a year ago that I saw the first Lucy’s of the spring. As then, the Longleaf Ephedra have their funny brittle flowers on them.


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